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Conferences and Events

Hotel Plaza Nof HaGalil

Hotel Plaza Nof HaGalil is the perfect meeting place for your next event! 

Our hotel offers a variety of event halls that can be designed to fit every event, and invites you to hold large conferences, business events or family functions (Shabbat Chatan, circumcisions, etc.) and enjoy our top notch service and an amazing (kosher) culinary experience.
The hotel features modern, spacious, stylish facilities where you can hold your event at any season of the year.

Our devoted staff will be happy to assist you in planning every detail of your event to ensure you have the best possible experience.

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Large event area

Adjacent to the hotel swimming pool we offer you “Ganey Plaza” – a spacious area that can be used for large events of up to 900 guests. You can hold a luxurious private or business event with all of the equipment and accessories you may need. At “Ganey Plaza” you will find state of the art lighting solutions, sound systems, slide projectors, heating solutions, etc. All of the above combine to create a unique, exclusive venue ideal for top quality events. 

For other events, Hotel Plaza Nof HaGalil provides you with five different event halls. They are located on the second floor of the hotel and can be used for private or business events and for workshops and seminars:

Kosher Hotel Rabbanut of Nof HaGalil

Stylish, spacious business lobby

For business or private events, important meetings, workshops or small social getherings of up to 40 guests, we offer our business lobby located on the tenth floor. The breathtaking view from the windows adds to the unique atmosphere and such familiar locations as Mount Carmel or the nearby Galilee mountains become the perfect decor for any event or party. In addition to the venue itself, you can also request to have food served (should be prebooked) which can consist of cheese and wine, an assortment of desserts, a rich breakfast, lunch or dinner – as you prefer.